Beili Du History

Beili Du chapel was first built in 1800, to serve the local Calvinistic Methodists of this part of Breconshire, where it was well-served by student-preachers attending the Methodist College at Trefecca. The cause was founded in 1790 and a parcel of land belonging to Beili Du Farm was leased to the trustees in 1800. The cause was originally Welsh-speaking, but eventually English predominated, in line with linguistic change across many areas of south and mid Wales. The present chapel was rebuilt in 1868, its whitewashed rubble ‘long-wall’ design quite old-fashioned for its date. This is perhaps explained by the constricted site, which allowed for a linear building, here with stable and schoolroom attached, all under one roof-line.

Following its closure in 1998, Beili Du was transferred to the Trust in 2009, under its status as a prescribed charity under the Redundant Churches and Other Religious Buildings Act 1969, (as amended in Schedule 5 of the Charities Act 1992).