A ‘Slate in Time’ campaign was launched to raise the last few thousand pounds needed to save one of Wales’s most important historic chapels.

With links to poet Dylan Thomas and the United States’ most famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, Yr Hen Gapel – The Old Chapel – at Llwynrhydowen near Llandysul is also a symbol of the fight for democracy throughout the British Isles.

Local people, friends of the chapel, Unitarians across the world, and everyone with an interest in democracy were invited to pay £10 to sponsor one of the 2,300 traditional slates needed to rescue the chapel roof.

We are happy to report that this appeal has successfully raised £4,715, with the help of the local Friends group ‘Cyfeillion Yr Hen Gapel’, many local people, and other supporters. This ensures that Yr Hen Gapel, 140 years after the dramatic events that took its name into the world’s headlines, continues to be a unique and special place for the community and visitors alike.

From the Trustees, staff, and Cyfeillion Yr Hen Gapel, many, thanks for all of your donations and for your continued support.

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