Wern, Ystalyfera, Cilybebyll A Llan-giwg; Llanguicke

4 thoughts on “Wern, Ystalyfera, Cilybebyll A Llan-giwg; Llanguicke”

  1. Jon Davies says:

    As per our webpage on the 1957 renovations –
    Wern Chapel Renovations 1957 – the stained glass windows were paid for by a donation from an American couple, Dr and Mrs Arthur D Waltz of Pennsylvania. Mrs Waltz as a child had lived in Ystalyfera and had fond memories of Wern Chapel where she had first learned to recite the Scriptures. She had emigrated to the USA with her grandparents when aged five and a half but her first return trip to Ystalyfera in 72 years had touched her deeply.

  2. christinem says:

    Dear Jon
    What a great story and what a lovely website detailing the chapels of Ystalyfera

    Many thanks for your post, Diolch yn fawer

  3. Martin Spain says:

    Nolton Haven Chapel was renovated in 2016/2017 when the stonework was repaired/replaced and the vestry re-plastered using lime mortar. This was aided by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the total cost of the renovations was £150,000.

    1. christinem says:

      Many thanks for you update it is really good news to hear about the renovations

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